Irish Society of North Alabama
Promoting the Irish Culture in Northern Alabama through Education, Dance, Music, and the Arts
 Céad Mile Fáilte
The Irish Society of North Alabama is a 501(C)(3) non-profit organization with the purpose to promote the Irish culture in Northern Alabama through education, dance, music, and the arts!
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Irish Society of North Alabama
The Irish Society of North Alabama on WAAY 31:
  • Our next Concert in the Pub is Saturday June 6th featuring Black Market Haggis!!
    Black Market Haggis is a trio comprised of Mike Clem, Andy Kruspe, and Garrett Smith who have been playing Celtic music together in one form or another since 2010. During this time, they kept a running tab of cool band names and even better album names. When it came time to form a trio, "Black Market Haggis" became the clear choice for a band name. So they did what every new band should do when s...tarting out- they searched their band name on the internet to see if it had already been taken. Predictably, no band has ever used that moniker. However, they did find that there is a demand for such a product since the USDA will not allow real haggis in the United States.
    For those who have enjoyed Marc Gunn's concerts in the pub -- Black Market Haggis made Marc's list of Best Celtic Folk Music bands!
    Tickets are $10 per person and can be purchased at:

  • May through June is Membership Renewal - we appreciate you continuing to be a member and hope you will consider volunteering for upcoming events!
  • There are many events throughout 2015 - so check out our Calendar of Events!
  • Our 5th Annual Huntsville Irish Christmas supporting Still Serving Veterans SOLD OUT!!!  Thank you to everyone that was able to make it and we look forward to hosting another great event in 2015!!
  • Also, coming up are many of the fun international events to include the International Society's FEST at UAH, Heritage Days at Burritt on the Mountain, and other events!  Please check out our events page to download our calendar!
  • For other events, check out our events page and click on the calendar link!
  • The concerts in the Pub have been going great and we plan on continuing them!  If you know a band that you would like to hear, have them contact us at
  • ISNA shirts, polos, and hoodies are available for sale to nonmembers - for more details!  There are still a few of the first run ISNA cookbooks are available - for more details!
  • ISNA has moved to a yearly cycle for membership with renewals in May.  If you join from January through April, you will not renew the May of that year but the following May.  If you are interested in joining ISNA as a new member - we are interested in you joining!  Come join other members help provide irish culture and education to the community while being part of a growing Irish community together!
  • It is with very sad news that we let everyone know that our fellow ISNA member and Huntsville's very own Seanachie ("Storyteller") past away on July 13th. She volunteered throughout Huntsville and supported many events to include speaking at our October 2011 meeting by telling many great stories. She was a wonderful lady and our hearts and thoughts are with her family and friends.

The Irish Society of North Alabama (ISNA) is proud to be an affiliate of the Alabama Celtic Association!!!  ISNA would like to thank Tyson Stinson:  for his ISNA logo artwork as well Carie for use of her images in ISNA's other logo.  Please visit her website:  


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